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Day of open Monuments // Fritz Schumacher Haus

Our Sunday trip tooks us to the University Hospital Eppendorf. In Hamburg are the Days of open Monuments and we 
decided to visit the old pathology building from the 20th. It has really paid off.
The old rooms are very impressive and so wonderful flooded with light that you can not imagine that this was an area 
where corpses were dissected. Especially great was the old stoned section tables. You still have the old taps which they washed the blood into the large drainage holes. Next to it there is an auditorium with old preparations and figured tuberculosis made of wax.
Sections has been performed here until 2006. Since than the whole building is still restored and converted into a Museum of Medical History.

Photos made by me

FC3D//illusion&surrealism by Tang Yau Hoong

„We rely on sight in our lives and yet it is so fragile that we could easily be deceived by what we see.“
„Selected Illustrations by Tang Yau Hoong